• Wherever possible the system will float in full surface contact with the product minimizing evaporative loss by eliminating the air product interface, the formation of vapors, and the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.
  • Can easily be installed in basins with flight scraper, solids removal, and/or oil skimming systems.
  • Manufactured to make minor repairs simple and inexpensive.
  • Perimeter seals can be installed and/or replaced while the separator is in or out of service.
  • Fixed covers can be manufactured of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Fixed covers are provided with an epoxy coating for additional protection.
  • The topside of PETREX fixed covers are tread plate that provides a slip resistant surface.
  • Hatches can be provided on the top side of the fixed covers for inspection and observation.
  • Deflagration venting can be provided as an additional safety precaution.
  • Pipe penetrations through the fixed covers can be pre-located and welded in our shop or field located to accommodate existing piping.
  • The PETREX oil-water separator cover systems, both floating and fixed, meet the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency in 40 CFR, Part 61, NESHAPS and 40 CFR, Part 60, QQQ which regulate the storage and control requirements of benzene and benzene derivatives.