Internal Floating Roof Systems

  • Floats in full surface contact minimizing evaporative loss by eliminating the air product interface, the formation of vapors, and the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.
  • Panels are inherently buoyant, weighing less than one pound per square foot.
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel construction is non-combustible providing outstanding fire safety characteristics.
  • The modular honeycomb panel system is uniform, durable, strong, and buoyant eliminating the need for structural framing.
  • The herringbone panel arrangement provides increased strength to dampen product turbulence and resist seismic irregularities.
  • The PETREX cable suspension system eliminates leg penetrations through the floating roof providing better evaporation loss ratings and less product loss.
  • The cable suspension system allows for the roof to be safely changed from the operating position to the maintenance position and back without entering the tank.
  • The cable suspension system can be provided with an optional third level setting allowing for the roof to be suspended near the top of the tank if future tank work would be required.
  • The panels fasten together quickly and simply, utilizing the patented PETREX aluminum clamp bar system minimizing installation cost.
  • Appurtenance penetrations can be field located during installation.
  • The system meets all U.S. Federal, State and Local air quality regulations.
  • Meets or exceeds API Guidelines.